Hello, welcome to Pleiades, the TAFL approved fanlisting for Sumeragi Subaru of CLAMP's magnum opus, Tokyo BABYLON, and its follow up X. Subaru is the absolute picture of tragedy, turning from a slightly naive and gentle-hearted teenage boy into a bitter and hurting young man due to the sorrow inflicted upon him by the murder of his twin sister...and his unstoppable love for and toxic relationship with the man who killed her. He is easily one of the most complex and heartbreaking characters in manga, the pinnacle of beauty in darkness, and if you can't help but love him like I do, come add your name to the list of his fans.

You are viewing version 1 of Pleiades, Fatal Stars. If you are also a fan of Subaru's rainbow sweetheart twin, Hokuto, please give a visit to the shrine/fanlisting I run for her, North Star -- the literal sister site to this one ♥